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Transformative Dance
Body Dimensions 

About the workshop -
In this workshop we will continue to
play with
learn from
and dive into the different body parts and the inspiring richness that each of them brings to our holistic dance. We will allow the physical experiences to echo in our dance and invite openness, healing and transformation. 

About Transformative Dance - 
Transformative Dance is a guided dance „journey” which releases the body, frees the soul and quiets the mind. This expressive dance meditation approach integrates movement, dance, body-work techniques, healing processes and a spiritual path.  

About Hadas Fisher-Oren (1980, Tel-Aviv) -
A dance therapist, “Rio Abierto” group facilitator (movement for body and soul), body-work therapist and the founder of Transformative Dance and facilitator’s training school. To read more 

For more details about the coming weekend workshop 

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