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"The course was very practical and by doing I've found the courage and trust in myself to really DO what I dreamed of.
Hadas shared with us so much of her experience and tools and supported the individuality of each one of us to develop our own visions for events we would like to hold!" Eva Hrabalova

"Best training of my Life !! " Anh-Thu Nguyen


"The "Transformative Dance" facilitators training was the best thing I've done for myself the last few years- Learning many methods, moving a lot and experiencing dance as a spiritual tool for transformation. These days I'm starting my first steps as a free form movement facilitator" Nora Fischer 

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"The Transformative Dance training was a wonderful experience! Much knowledge and ongoing practice made this an amazing teaching and growing process for me. Itai Bauman

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"The Transformative Dance" facilitators training is so rich and complete. It covers such a scope of knowledge about body, movement, psychology, awareness and even more, as well as giving us, students, space to experiment and play with the language of dance and movement in general." Juliette Vieger

Graduates and Hadas

The Training has been rendered so thoughtfully that it felt like climbing a mountain without really noticing, and at the end being suddenly overwhelmed by the view!
I am still so grateful for this experience!" Svenja Behle

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