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Code Of Ethics

Facilitator’s Values

- Inclusiveness 
Movement is a basic human need, the dance belongs to everyone. All are welcome to the dance floor. 

- Leading by following 
Facilitation is a living attentive and resonant dialogue between the group and the facilitator. 

- Resources oriented approach 
We are basing the experience on the “empowering” aspects of the group and the body-mind.  

- Somatic oriented approach 
The body opens up the door to the different parts of the self and grounds us in the present, in the here and now, as well as in a potential for emotional and spiritual growth. 

Facilitator’s Ethics


- Awareness

As facilitators we strive for growth, integrity and awareness,  
therefore we have an ongoing practice of professional self reflection through journaling - keeping a record, exchange in peer groups or supervision. 

- Inclusiveness 
As facilitators we treat all participants with respect and equality.   

As facilitators we are obligated and responsible for providing a safe space (physical, mental and emotional) therefore any use of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that alters consciousness is forbidden on our dance floor.   

 - Clarity and Boundaries 

As facilitators we strive for healthy boundaries within the group of participants and between us and the participants. Thereforewe are 
- keeping and communicating clearly the “setting” of the group and the event
- maintaining healthy emotional boundaries with participants
- not allowing any sexual relationship between us and participants as long as they are taking part in our sessions
- dealing with money and all financials in a fair and clear way. 

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