Transformative Dance  practice is a guided “journey” in movement, bodywork and dance. The release and non-verbal expression enable us to open up blockages, empty ourselves of the old, fill with renewed energies and move through life with lightness and full presence.

Regular practice connects us with our body’s highest form of intelligence, cleanses, empowers and heals us. Classes combine free and instructed dance, dynamic meditation, ecstatic movement and other physical techniques designed to achieve release, expression, awareness and relaxation.

Transformative dance is based on different movement and somatic approaches as "Rio Abierto" , dance therapy, ecsatic dance, body-psychotherapy Authentic movement and more.

No coordination, fitness or prior dance experience needed—only a desire to dance and move!  


* Like breathing, nourishment and touch, movement is an elementary and basic human need.

* The Dance is an holistic experience which holds the keys to a positive transformation in each one of the various aspects of our being: body, intellect, psychic and spirit.

* Non verbal expression through movement and dance generates awareness, growth and healing processes.

* Dance is a spiritual practice, Like any other meditations it deals with : Here and now, moment to moment , constant change, "No-mind", attentiveness and states of grace and high consciousness.