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Space Holders Festival
So.. what is on the menu ? 

Saturday 22.7

10:00 Opening Circle
with Hadas Fisher-Oren (Space Holders Training)

Arriving, meeting, greeting...starting !

10:30 Generative Dance with Itai Bauman 

This session focuses on movement flow, in an ongoing, changing and evolving stream of dance. Organic waves of sound will take us on a journey through inner and outer space, inviting our body to breath, listen, talk and expand

12:00 Dance Yourself with Juliette Viger 
In those time where the mind is master of our society, we will try to reintroduce our bodies into our lives and give them the space to expand and inspire us to grow, express ourselves and connect. By dancing through this idea, we will try to build the bridge between us and our intuitive whole self and cherish the gifts our body has to offer us. 

13:30 Discovering Gravity withAnh-Thu Nguyen
tasting the different nuances and qualities that are lying in the line between the moment of coming to ground and rising from ground.

15:00 Lunch break 

16:00 Natural Mystic Flow with Nora Fischer

I invite you to join me on a courageous journey;

To explore our natural life energy and flowing movement in all its forms. Come and see what arises from an encounter with our true selves and the true self of the person moving alongside us. Individually and jointly we will dance, trying to capture the Magical mystery that happens when the mind, body, spirit and heart slowly open to  this natural mystic flow.

17:30 Rhythm and Flying with Carmen Seiser
In my session I want to introduce you to what I mostly like when I am dancing. We will release our tensions in the body and through that connect to ourselves and enjoy while moving. We will explore the energy streams and strength of our bodies with the help of rhythm and grounding. And from there elevate the energy through the whole body to fly high and give us the possibility to connect to our spirituality in moving. Most important for me is to have fun so I am looking forward to share this beautiful experience with you. 

19:00 Vision Dance with Antje Korth

In this session you are invited to connect with a wish or dream you have  - to bring movement and life to it. In a creative flow on the dancing floor you can dive deep into yourself. You will explore how to link your intention with your breath and movement in a pleasurable way. We will create a space that brings joyful activation and clarity so that your inner journey can be expressed  in your life.

Sunday 23.7 
10:00 Movement Garden with Eva Hrabalova

I believe that dance enriches daily life and that every body is very intelligent. 

In the workshop we are going to give a little rest to our minds and move the focus to our bodies through exploring some basic daily movements, movements inspired by nature and just letting the body move freely, without evaluation and judgments.I created simple class ideal for people who feel like beginners, in the discovery phase, but I am glad to welcome all

11:30 Danger Dance with Svenja Behle
What is "danger" for you? To do somethig new, wild, stupid, or nasty? To be yourself?
In this session we will playfully explore the unknown in- and outside of ourselves. We will travel to another world, where the rules of our day-to-day-world don't apply...

13:00 Shapes with Camillo Miceli
 “The body is living art. Your movement through time and space is art. A painter has brushes. You have your body” Anna  Halprin.

14:30 Movement Journey - six steps to encounter life with Manuel Mueller

The workshop will generate opportunities for participants to empower creativity through movement - dance and life - art metaphors. This journey will take you to six steps from where you are right now, to a body-mind journey, receive a calling, overcome obstacles, let yourself go, to satisfaction and coming home.  Individual - group movement and dance, poetic narrative and metaphors, exploration inner and outer worlds and spaces. All will be used to foster inspiration and encounter new helpful resources for daily life. The workshop is designed for everyone, no previous experience in free-form movement or dance needed. 

15:45 Closing Circle  
with Hadas Fisher-Oren, (Space Holders training)

Gratitude and goodby - graduates certificates ceremony. 

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