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Hadas Fisher Oren is a dance therapist (EADMT, BTD), group facilitator, Rio Abierto movement and body-work therapist who is teaching and practicing dance as a spiritual path. 

In Transformative Dance and Free Form Movement Facilitator's training program she integrates her knowledge in the field of Body-Mind development, body psychotherapy and her rich experience in the art of group facilitation through dance and expressive tools .

In the last 20 years she has led  workshops, classes, one on one sessions, Festivals and retreats In Israel, Greece, NY, Argentina, Uruguay and now in Germany. She was also a guest teacher at the "Rio Abierto" training school for "group facilitators in dance  and expressive tools" in Israel.

Hadas is trained in a variety of somatic/movement techniques and body-mind approaches including:
-Dance therapy
-Body mind centered Psychotherapy,
-Rio Abierto - body/mind development through dance,
- B.A psychology,
-Expressive arts Therapies,
-Integral Breath Work,
-Deep-Tissue Massage in the emotional aspect,
-Rio Abierto Massage (Integrative),
-Reiki Master  
-Theta Healing advanced DNA and Intuitive Anatomy.

- Council Circles 
- Somatic Mediation


-Relevant courses and further education :
ATD - Awareness Through Dance
Guided imagery
Reichien bio energetic work
healing Tibetan bawls and overtones. 


Hadas is a video-dance director and stage movement artist and has a wide range of dance, performance and movement research education.

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