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Long DisDance Relationship Meditation 

It is our responsibility to stay centred, keep the faith and take care of our resilience emotionally, physically and energetically . The way I am raising my frequency is by dancing and I believe it has a profound uplifting and shifting power when a group is dancing together with an intention, even if we are not physically together.

Upcoming Long DisDance Meditation 11/7/20
Saturday 20:00 (UTC+2) Berlin time / 21:00 TLV time
Are you in? For more details and link send an email to 

How does it work? Exactly at 20:00 (UTC+2) Berlin time , each in our own room, press play to this song and transcend a good intention with our limbs and heart. Creating a global net of embodied wishes.

After the we dance to our common playlist I recommend to continue to move with your favourite playlist or to stay still and contemplate for another few minutes. 

This time we dance to this 26 minutes Longing playlist #10 

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