Fundamentals of the Transformative Dance  

A nine months online course and a mentoring program

If you are passionate about Free Form movement, Conscious dance and people,

and wish to tap into the infinite resource of healing, creativity and transformation,

this journey is for you.


The training offers a digital course of the essentials of Free form-Conscious and expressive dance, embodiment, groups and the art of facilitation, side by side with one on one mentoring.

The course equip students with a wide range of tools and knowledge, focusing on:

* "Holding the space" for dance.

* Having a deep understanding of dance in the emotional - energetic aspect.

* Learning about body-mind oriented growth processes and embodied transformation.


In this training you will:

*Earn a solid body of knowledge in the field of Free Form Movement/Conscious dance and in the

emotional and spiritual aspects of movement.

* Enter a community of like-minded people and find your dancing tribe.

* Make dance part of your daily life.

The course will include:

26 weekly content lessons accessible through the training website (30 minutes).

30 weekly online Dancing Hub sessions facilitated by Hadas, graduates and students (90 minutes).

9 one-on-one  mentoring sessions with Hadas

*The students will be asked to have a weekly dancing journal documenting their

weekly practice in any conscious dance class that they will choose.


What else will you get?

- A lifetime free access to all the learning materials and video lessons provided in the course.

- A video library of exercises and ideas for your sessions.

- Free access to all the playlists created by Hadas.


The training is structured as a set of three modules.

Each unit contains theoretical, philosophical and practical learning.

Module 1 - The Essence of Dance

In this module we will explore:

The nature of movement

The intelligent-creative body and the healing effect of expression

Movement and dance as a spiritual practice


Pioneers’s Family tree

seeing and being seen - Authentic Movement

body empathy, or “Kinaesthetic seeing”

Council Circle, Chase Circle and Rio Abierto

body-mind maps and cathartic dance work

body-mind paradigms

BodyMind approaches

Module 2 -The Art of Facilitation

In this module we will learn about:

Holding the space for dance and growth - the role of the facilitator, group dynamic

and growth potentials

Group theories, dynamics, process and roles

Structures and settings of a movement session, course and workshop

“Leading by following”

The facilitator's creative process

The art of facilitation - how, what and why

Practice, methods and methodology

Music navigation - rhythms and music as co-facilitators

Module 3 - To Embody The Dream

This module will include:

Vision quest

16 hours personal lab-project (non obligatory) 


Facilitator’s tools for manifesting - advertising, fee, space, community etc.

A glimpse for the future.


* About me

I am a dance therapist (EADMT, BTD), group facilitator, Rio

Abierto movement and body-work therapist who is teaching and practicing

dance as a spiritual path.

Transformative Dance and the Facilitator's Training Program integrate tools and

knowledge developed through twenty years of practice in the fields of Free Form

movement and body psychotherapy as well as my rich experience in the art of

group facilitation through dance and expressive tools.


I believe that dance is a healing process and wish to help as many people as pos-

sible to unfold their dancing gift and share it with the world.



*A significant experience in expressive, conscious, Transformative Dance or any

other kind of free-form movement practice.

*Love for movement and people.


Fee: 1,250 e (including registration deposit and taxes).

Could be paid in up to 10 rates

Registration is done by signing a contract and paying a 125 e deposit.

Ongoing course started on 10.11.2020

Upcoming course begins on the 23.2.2021

If you're interested in applying, asking more questions or coordinating a
tion with Hadas, please send an email to :