Transformative Dance Facilitators
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A new 9 months online and offline training starts in October 2020 
more details here.
Under the current circumstances the training planned for August will be
postponed and a new setting of training will begin on October 2020.

Certification Training August 2020-August 2021 - 548 h

The Transformative  Dance facilitators training program is a unique initiation, focused on the transformative, expressive and spiritual aspects of movement. The aim of the program is to train people who wish to "hold space" for dance and guide groups through body-mind oriented growth processes. The training equips its students with a wide range of tools, practical experience, knowledge, and supports the journey of finding their own unique voice and vision of leading dance processes.


The training includes

* preparation practice

6 long weekends
1 intensive week
5 sessions of playground laboratory
3 Skype supervisions
On-line learning (every 2 weeks)  
Dance journal (weekly) 
18 h Personal project 



Week intensive - 10:00-17:00 Saturday-Friday

Long weekend - 16:00-22:00 Thursday, 10:00-17:00 Friday, Saturday, Sunday



The training will take place in Berlin, Tatwerk studio

Hasenheide 9, 3rd floor (Hermannplatz U8, U7)



Teacher: Hadas Fisher-Oren

Coordinator and Escorting facilitator for Playground Lab: Julian Emile Schnorr / Language: English / The training is baby-friendly 


Content, Timeline, Guidelines
Every unit contains experiential, theoretical, philosophical and practical learning.


* preparation task (before August 2020) - movement practice journal


17-23 August 2020(week) 

The nature of movement

The intelligent-creative body and the healing effect of expression.

Movement and dance as a spiritual practice.


Pioneers’s Family tree.


29-31Oc + 1 Nov 2020 (long weekend) 
Holding the space for dance and growth. 
See and being Seen - Authentic Movement.
Body Empathy. “Kinaesthetic seeing”. Attentive presence - Council Circle, Chase Circle and Rio Abierto.

- Playground Laboratory session, *dates are coming soon. 4 hours of playing, sharing and experimenting the magic of holding a space for dance.


10-13 Dec 2020 (long weekend) 
BodyMind Maps. Cathartic dance work.
BodyMind paradigms and approaches.
Rhythms and music as co-facilitators.

- Playground Laboratory session

11-14 Feb 2021 (long weekend) 
Groups and growth potentials. Group theories, dynamics, process and roles.Structures and settings of movement sessions.“leading by following”
The creative process of the facilitator

- Playground Laboratory session


15-18 April 2021 (long weekend) 
The art of facilitation - learning by doing
Practice, methods and methodology.  
Music navigation.
Vision quest.

- Begin of personal project 
- Playground Laboratory session

3-6 Jun 2021 (long weekend)  
Practice - Feedback and supervision.
Personal project - processing and sharing.
Facilitator’s tools for manifesting - advertising, fee, space, community etc. A glimpse for the future.

- Playground Laboratory session

5-8 August 2021 (long weekend) 
Graduation Festival
Each student will facilitate one workshop based on his/her
vision and unique point of view. Graduation and certificate ceremony and celebration.


200 € registration deposite 
3,000 € / 200 € X 15 monthly rates 

a significant experience in Transformative Dance or any other kind of free-form and conscious movement practice. A love for movement and people and a previous experience of taking part in a group process.


Graduation and Certification
A certificate will be given to the students that attended all 6 weekends and the intensive week and finished their personal project and documentation tasks.

Holding a space for dance is a great privilege! 

Come and join us on this life long dancing journey.

For applying, more questions and coordinating a talk with Hadas send an email to                                Copyright © 2014 Hadas Fisher-Oren 

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